Artist Statement

Ann Bridge Davies 
has been a clairvoyant since birth. At the age of 5 she was talking to her mother about the man with sticky out ears who was talking to her. She called the man ‘Boy’. Her mother was so surprised at this because her mothers brother Robert was killed in a tragic accident when collecting fish, for the cats, from a water wheel when the wheel was started up, his nickname was ‘Boy’. Ann Jacqueline insisted, as a five year old could insist, that ‘the boy was with the cats’. She would not have known about her uncle in sprit was called Boy because he died before she was born and was never spoken about. She has accurately demonstrated her gifts on TV shows such as the Something Strange Show and The Magic and Mystery Show and radio shows around the world such as Phoenix Arizona, USA and BBC Radio

She developed as an Artist at Matlock College, Derbyshire and through her 30 year teaching career, one day she was drawing a portrait, as an example for her pupils, when one of her students said, ‘That looks like my Granddad, but he died 2 years ago’ She had always drawn her portraits from the visions she saw, but hadn’t realised, until then, that it was because she was Clairvoyant and not because all artists see visions. It was at this point she went to the Psychic Truth Center in Liverpool to see a Medium and was told that she was a Natural Medium and Psychic Artist. She began working in the Spiritualist Churches and developed her natural ability to draw what she saw in the spirit world. She now has Drawings and Paintings world wide and has many examples of photographs of the people she has drawn from her visions.

Clairvoyance means having clear sight into the spirit world. Ann Jacqueline, as well as drawing and painting what she could see, also has the ability to see and hear the spirit people who came to her. During a private reading she has been able to help people who have been adopted to understand their roots. She also is able to speak the words the spirit people say to her to help with problems clients may be experiencing when they come to see her. She, together with the help from the Spirit world, is able to help with future events or help clear present events to manifest
a better future. Because of her work as a school teacher she has many children who come to her to see and speak to their family again. ‘Those in Spirit can miss us just as much as we miss them. They are often around us near to Christmas, Birthdays or Anniversaries’ she took part in a TV show ‘The Something Strange Show’ were she demonstrated her gifts in front of millions of people.) She works for the Spiritualist Churches in the UK and Abroad and gives talks and Demonstrations of her gifts when asked. She also gives private readings which can give help and support to those who may still be grieving from the loss of a loved one to spirit.

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