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Those in the Spirit World who are like Guardian Angels or Guides for us on our earthly path. Family and Friends who have passed before us in the spirit world. Those lives which have gone before this life &Portraits of our soul to aid spiritual development. Paintings which have been commissioned for Books and Cards.


The Magic and Mystery Show, The Something Strange Show



‘The Something Strange Show’

(can you see the strange bright light above the painting? Is it spirit???? No!!!

It is a reflection from the glossy photograph!)


Arizona USA The Peaceful Planet Show (telephone link) , BBC Radio Stoke and Birmingham



These are some of
the spirit portraits painted by Ann . One drawn for William Roach.

also known as Ken Barlow from our favourite TV Soap, ‘Coronation Street sketch done during a talk at Wolverhampton SNU Church Aug 2005


Mr. Gordon Higginson

(President-in Spirit) of the Spiritualist National Union painted from a clairvoyant vision during meditation


below are a few spirit drawings and paintings created during privetesittings and
church demonstrations with the photographic evidence to show the
likeness. Many drawings are produced without the recipient knowing
the person drawn and it is a great revelation to them when they
find the proof for the spirit potrait.

The portrait
above was done for a private sitting at Wolverhampton Spiritualist
Church. The ancestor of the boy in the portrait, Bill Swanson, did
not recognise the portrait at first because he did not know this
side of the family. He went home and showed the portrait to his
mother who came up with this family photograph of seven brothers.
I would say the painting was a good spirit likeness? At the reading
he was also given information and evidence about the family he did
not know and had never met. Thank you Bill for doing some detective

‘The Seven Brothers’


The child
had encephalitis while on the earth hence the larger than normal
head shape. A portrait produced during a demonstration of mediumship
at Droitwich Spa evening of mediumship.

This is a portrait sketched during a special service at Wolverhapton SNU Church in 1989 and the portrait given to Vilma Davies previous President of that church.She did not recognise the man until 2005. The recipient gave me copies of the photograph and drawing in the summer of 2006 after obtaining the photogarphs from a relation after an uncle had died.

This portrait took 15 years to be recognised and the photographic evidence supplied to me.


JOHN, below, wanted to speak to his sister. He had committed suicide and wanted to make his peace with her. This he did and she was very happy to speak to him.

The lights
around John’s head are spirit lights.John’s sister was overwhelmed by the emotion of seeing her brother again
in the portrait proving to her that the spirit of her brother survived death of the body.

Spirit Portraits of people from other countries

Above, a grandfather drawn in a demonstration of Spirit Art at Hanley Church, Stoke on Trent. The grand daughter brought the photograph to me at another meeting

Child in Spirit

Boy drawn at Hanley also. The mother brought a photograph of her son whohad passed with cancer hence the blanket and loss of hair.


Below is a portrait drawing produced with verbal evidence in Darmstatte near Frankfurt in
April 2008. The lady, who had never seen any mediumship before, was
not sure who the portrait was. After I returned home she emailed me
the passport photograph and she had found out was her grandfather.

The girl with dark hair was done during a postal reading. She was not known by the recipient and has not been ‘found’ . The details are that she was a school girl who loved PE She passed to spirit under difficult circumstances and
her physical remains have never been found. She was about 15 years old but may have passed earlier than that and a name which came to mind was Zoe. If there is anyone out there who recognises the girl and the information please let me know.

The two other portraits were also postal portraits which were recognised by the recipients of the drawings.


Ann either ‘sees’ the face and then draws it, or, the face is drawn by her spirit guide by automatic drawing or, she ‘sees’ the image of the face on the paper or canvas and draws from that image. She has no control over the portrait
or image which is to be drawn…the Spirit World makes that connection.

She also has paintings of the places he has been taken in the spirit world through meditation and from visions such as the Tsunami experience.

The seascape was painted in the November before the Tsunami.In the rocks on the left side appears the letters B A L I which were not deliberately painted

I woke up at precisely the same time as the Tsunami hearing what sounded like a bucket of water hitting the window. I was staying in a friend’s house in the Wirral that night

The night sky was clear and I couldn’t understand why I heard the water.It was not until the following day I heard about the disaster. The letters BALI in the painting are a testiment that the spirit world try to tell us about future events…but we don’t listen! It was after the boxing day event that I sw the letters in the painting.

The Painting has now been donated to the local Dr’s. Surgery and the BALI has been painted over.



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