Book & Card Illustrations

Book & Card Illustrations


This Illustration is of my husband, who during a visit to Spain, Salvador Dali overshadowed him and I saw his moustache change to that of Salvadors. That day we went on a visit to Mias in the mountains and completely by accident,came upon a gallery devoted to Dali. It was a wonderful surprise and a lovely birthday present. The cherries on the painting are dedicated to Dali and the grasshopper was once of his fears. My husband is a musician whose ambition is to play Spanish Guitar. At the time of painting I had no idea that Dali enjoyed having a guitarist play while he was painting

The Watcher
An Alien Being from another planet.
He comes to watch during meditations especially during the time when
I was working on an illustration for one of David Icke’s books.
The Pyramids
Illustration of the Spiritual
Aura of Pyramids as seen in a trance state and painted for and exhibition
in the UK
Melting Pyramid
Image of Lady Diana’s face seen
during meditation after her passing. The time was a full moon (energy
for Cancer people). The melting pyramid was symbolic of Dodi seen
as part of same meditation.
Image of Spiritual Light of
Elemental, seen by an 8 year old in garden, painted from description
of sighting.

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